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Aleksander Olech

French and Polish

fight against


Wydanie: pierwsze
Rok wydania: 2022
Oprawa: miękka
Objętość: 260 stron
Format: 170×240 mm
Język: angielski
Kategoria: prawo / społeczeństwo
ISBN 978-83-66476-16-5
Scientific monograph


The aim of the monograph is to analyse and verify the system to counter terrorist threats in the French Republic and the Republic of Poland and to present a strategy for combating these threats that could be employed in other countries as well. Consideration should be given to the organisation of structures created to fight terrorist threats, which primarily include national and international legislation, institutions and bodies established to carry out anti-terrorist and counter-terrorism activities, as well as the entirety of forms, methods and measures contained in national security strategies. Currently, the two countries are different in terms of the level of terrorist threat, but they belong to a number of common alliances in which they perform security and defence tasks and, what is more, they are in the Schengen Area, where border controls have been abolished. It is therefore necessary to analyse the solutions employed by the French Republic and Poland, where some of the most recent legislation on the fight against terrorism in the world has been established and where there is a focus on the continuous development of security services and authorities. The use of the anti-terrorist methodology in France and Poland is essential to improve the system to counter terrorist threats in the European Union and NATO states.

It should be noted that there are certain flaws in the Polish system to counter terrorism, which can be exploited by terrorists and lead to the destabilisation of various state entities. The solutions proposed by the author to improve anti-terrorist activities in Poland and other European Union states, as well as the analysis of threats on the continent, will provide a kind of guidance that decision-makers at the national and international level should make use of.