Scientific-Training Conference “XIV Days of Pollen Allergy in Krakow” – BRC Supplement 3/2018

Scientific-Training Conference

“XIV Days of Pollen Allergy in Krakow”

May 18-19, 2018

Jagiellonian University Medical College, Kraków, Poland

Wydanie pierwsze
Rok wydania 2018
Oprawa miękka
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Format 210 x 297 mm
Kategoria Nauki przyrodnicze
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ISSN 1897-2810
ISBN 978-83-65275-64-6
BRC Supplement 3/2018


Aerobiology is a scientific discipline, which deals with the airborne particles and their influence on the air-environment as well as on the living systems including humans, animals and plants. In the environment changed by the industrial pollution we observe many new phenomena appearing in the air and affecting our life, health, rural harvests and others.

Most of these aspects is discussed during the aerobiological conferences, including- the Days of Pollen Allergy in Kraków providing the opportunity for discussion- of people interested in the broadly understood problem of pollen allergy. For the fourteenth time, on 18-19 May 2018 the scientists, including botanists, aerobiologists,- climatologists, plant pathologists and medical doctors will meet in Kraków to present- the latest results of the air pollution impact on the severity of allergic diseases, indirectly through the impact on natural allergens; a many years’ observations of the pollen and allergens content in the air; monitoring of fungal spores as plant pathogens; phenological observations or the unusual meteorological conditions influencing pollen concentrations.

The medical aspects, discussed during the conferences are related to the pollen allergy problem, of which the clinical picture varies due to the changes observed in airborne particles, especially over the polluted area. It makes the diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis of patients suffering from allergic rhinitis more and more difficult.

We hope that the presentations during the conference and the published abstracts will extend the knowledge of scientific and practical aspects of the pollen and fungal spores monitoring and its application in allergology and in the estimation of climatic and phenological variations.

On behalf of the Scientific Committee

Dorota Myszkowska and Ewa Czarnobilska

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